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Press Release

The Locker Dog™ Company introduces LockerPack™ At Las Vegas Super Show

New product will revolutionize the industry

Morristown, N.J. - The Locker Dog™ Company, Inc., a leader in locker organization solutions, announces the introduction of their revolutionary dual-function line of backpacks at The Super Show in Las Vegas later this year. The LockerPack™ is a high quality backpack that not only is an extremely comfortable and practical backpack, it also serves as a hanging organizer when at home, in school or at the gym. The LockerPack™ folds down in three sections for the unique and efficient use as a hanging multipurpose caddy for a locker or closet door. Company founder and CEO, Vincent J. Dolan, says, “The LockerPack™ is our most exciting product introduction in the ten year history of the company, due to a concept that will lead the backpack industry in a new direction. We are extremely excited about its enormous potential.”

The Lockerpack™ comes in three sizes, a variety of attractive colors and will be available in many retail stores in a few months and on the company’s web site at

Headquartered in Morristown, New Jersey, The Locker Dog™ Company is a leader in locker organization solutions. The company’s current product line includes high quality, customized locker organizers designed for golfers, law enforcement officers, skiers, military, students and anyone with a locker. The Company also sells various sized beverage totes under its CooLockertm brand. Customers seeking additional information about the company or its unique “Quick Fetch” locker organizer can call 973-998-8477, email us at: or log onto


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